Lighting fixtures, graduate, well-controlled phase, wave amplitude, or DMX.
Those involved in the first two cases to give that wave-cut pass or wave amplitude are the dimmer.

These are the equivalent of the audio power amplifier. Projectors provide the power, properly regulated, so they can give more or less light, and even off.

But for that to happen, dimmers require a control signal, to tell them what they must do. From this console handles lighting.
The lighting console give an order to each channel dimmer, so that it acts accordingly. This signal can be of various types, on various protocols.

For variable voltage of 0-10 Vdc. In disuse by its high sensitivity to interference and wiring complexity.
DMX 512. The protocol digitad in vogue because it allows, through a digital cable balanced pair, transmit 512 channels of control.


The consoles can be an almost unlimited number of channels, but range from 1 channel, up to 16,384 channels.

How can this be, if the DMX protocol supports only 512 channels?
Indeed, each block 512 to manipulate DMX control channels. This is called a universe.

By grouping several parallel universes, we nx521 channels. Therefore consoles have a number of channels that is an integer multiple, normally, 512. Hence it is said that a particular game console has 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 7, 8 or more universes.

And do not conflicted different universes to have the same channel? That’s what seems to first sight, but the first universe begins on channel 1 and ends at 512, the second in the 513 universe begins and ends in 1024, the third universe begins in 1025 and ends in 1536 and so on.

The lighting console, allows us to set the brightness level of each of the projectors, but not only that. Allows you to record scenes, play scenes chains (chases), control the fade time, create groups of projectors, automate complex processes etc …

Two main types of consoles, which are used for white light, and used to light dramatic, ie, to control color lights and robots.
Differ in that the white light are, as it were, about virgin channel bundling, while color lights, usually come with the grouped in groups of 8, 12, 16, 24 channels. .. channels to control fixtures that use these channels for all parameters that can be controlled. Besides coming with joysticks, and balls, to control the movements of mobile projectors.

Simple consoles, do not need much knowledge, and are available in a short time, but the use and control of high-end consoles, requires very thorough knowledge of its operation, and requires operators a high degree of specialization.



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