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         NEW RGBW PANEL FULL COLOR OF LUPO 1X1- April 2018

Not every day can be announced an event of this magnitude in our sector.

We have been waiting for a RGBW led panel of 30×30 cm affordable and broadcast. And it has been waiting, but today we can announce, that the new RGBW FULL COLOR panel from LUPO is already in production.

It has been waiting, because Lupo, wanted to bring to the market a real panel “Quality Broadcast” and until it has not achieved the intended specifications did not want to put it on the market.

In addition, he has been very careful with the price. And in the end this has been a little less than 40% of its direct competition (we all know who the competition is, German, of course)

It is a revolutionary panel in several aspects, among which we can highlight:


– Weight of 3.7 Kg, compared to more than 7 Kg of its competition.
– It can be powered, of course with 240 Vac for study, but also with 14 Vdc batteries, a very useful circumstance for      ENG.
– CRI of 96, and TLCI of 97.
– Color range from 2,700 K to 10,000 K.
– Control CCT, HSI, RGBW, and green / magenta. What makes it effective for study and ENG
– Dimmer curves: Linear, quadratic, and logarithmic.
– Of course with control by DMX XRL 5P
– Opening of 120º
– 3,800 Lux / 1 m for 5,600 K.

As you can see, it is at the top of the scale in terms of benefits. But very down in price.

There are already plenty of reservation orders in Lupo, so the production lines are overcrowded.
We can now illuminate the stage and front backgrounds with the color that we like the most.

         NEW SLIDING GRIDS A1-BMS – 2017

A1 Studio TV, in collaboration with the Spanish manufacturer of suspension systems BMS, we have developed a NEW AND COMPLETE system SLIDING GRIDS AND CICLORAMA. “Simple, effective and decisive”



These grilds and cycloramas consists of German-made aluminum rails, projection or pantograph cars, cable trolleys, curtain trolleys, and any custom fittings, on request.

The range of supports is unlimited given that the manufacturing is made to measure, like the carriages.

The rails, of various wall thicknesses, depending on the load requested, consist of one or two closed raceways, to prevent the wheels from coming off, or that the dust and dirt have an easy accumulation. And the joints between them, are made by the upper and lower channels, thus ensuring the total linearity of the raceways.



The trolleys consist of 3 axles with screwed wheels (not riveted) and with bearing wheels  to avoid rolling noises and deformation of the raceways.

The stops can be located at the end of the race, or also where necessary, if you need to limit the course of any of the carriages, since it is not necessary to drill the rail.



The rails available consist of a 45×60 series for primary cyclers or rails that need to bear little weight, and a 90×45 series of double track, for more robust systems and for secondary lanes .



Just as BMS has broken with the whole trend of suspension manufacturers, improving and simplifying all components, in A1 Studio TV, we wanted to do the same with the sliding rail system.



Since the other manufacturers have been without 40 or more years without updating the suspension systems, in A1 Studio TV and BMS we have taken the decision to adapt the suspension systems and rails to the new requirements and existing technologies.



We do not doubt that, without taking too long, the other manufacturers will take our path.


         BMS DISTRIBUTORS – 2016

BMS is a Spanish manufacturer, with headquarters and factory in Almería, and worldwide distribution, suspension for lighting, manual, motorized and automatically controlled of the highest quality, such as pantographs, hoist, telescopic bars and automated control systems for television studios, theater etc … With customized solutions for every need that the client has.

Broadcast Media Supply was born in 2015, constituted by Torcuato Sánchez (Managing Director), Sabine, Monika Sánchez (Administration), Jutta Metz (Administration) and Peter Braumüller (Head of Development and Construction), technical director in numerous projects of studies, counting on the extensive experience in both design of study machinery and in the sector’s regulations, since he was part of the team that defines this regulation for 10 years.


Peter Brumüler, was founder of MTS in its beginnings and has actively participated in numerous projects all over the world.


Currently they are in projects with ETC for forks PO, FACE BVBA in the development of machinery for Live Shows, positioning of lighting for MA Lighting, among others …


The solutions provided by BMS are as radical as:

– Replacing the steel cable in hoist and pantographs, by metal band, which gives less weight, less space, more torque to the motor, greater uniformity in movement, and better reliability in the fixings when being screwed, which reduces the revisions and eliminate the failure rates.

– It replaces the spring microswitch in the limit switches by load cells, which eliminates fatigue of material, and tells us, exactly the weight that is hanging from the suspension. And it allows us, at the same time, to electronically limit the maximum weight of the hoist or pantograph.

– It replaces the micro-switch with spring by inductive sensors in the sensors of broken, slack or collision cable, allowing to eliminate fatigue of the material. With a detection in 3 mm of tape travel, and a response time of 300 ms.

– Equip speed variator instead of starter, which allows: soft starts and stops, with electronically programmed times. Protection for the motor, additional limit switches et …


As you can see, it is a revolution within the market, providing very professional and revolutionary solutions.


          22.000 lux-NEW LUPO  SUPERPANEL – 2017

LUPO is ahead in the technology and takes out a panel of LEDs, the SUPERPANEL, which emits 22,000 light to one meter.

The SUPERPANEL DUAL COLOR is the new panel of 400 led surface with high color performance. And a high TLCI, studied specifically for TV and video.

The SUPERPANEL and the SUPERPANEL DUAL COLOR deliver a smooth and enormous amount of light (22,000 lux / 1m) and can be adjusted continuously between 3,200 and 5,600 ºK in the case of the DUAL COLOR, through the rear potentiometer, according to the particular needs of the moment.

When the exact color has been achieved, the amount of light can be adjusted from 0 to 100%, by another rear potentiometer.

Both the color temperature and the amount of light are displayed on the rear display.
Thanks to the dedicated battery (optional), the panel can work autonomously up to 1.75 hours.

The SUPERPANEL DUAL COLOR, is the most advanced solution for video and TV thanks to incorporating all the advances in LED technology, a tremendous amount of light, and the possibility of getting the exact color of light for each situation.



Technical characteristics of the DUAL COLOR:



– 400 LED with TRUE COLOR technology
– IRC> 95
– High efficiency LEDs (8 times more).
– Lux at 1 m: 22,000 lux
– Color temperature: Variable between 3,200 and 5,600 ºK
– Ultra light 2.3 Kg. Dimensions: 320x340x65 mm
– Tungsten equivalence: 2,000 W
– Control: Manual / DMX IN / OUT XLR5
– Ultrasilencioso with active or passive fan.
– Flicker free
– Visors and filter: Optional
– Fork PO: Optional.
– Consumption: 120 W. A Current or Battery (1.75 H)
– CE

We do not doubt that, without taking too long, the other manufacturers will take our path.




As of March, A1 Studio TV is also the distributor of Panasonic projectors, screens, monitors, videowalls, etc …, with its 4K technology, Laser and digital link.

Quality above all





Leveraging its efficient LED fresnel, Dayled Dayled 650 and 1000, LUPO has created a shoe that engages the yoke of any of them. This allows network or feed indiscriminately Lock V battery.

The consumption is 60 W and 90 W, so that the duration of the range is beyond question.

This shoe can be attached to any of its models 3200, 5600 Kº, or bicolor.

An achievement for ENG needs, as the fresnel be used as such, or as filler panels diffusers. Two machines in one.



         LUPO NEW GROUP – 2016

Lupo has been for many years a reference in the world of broadcast lighting and photography.

Because of the crisis, this family business is split into two different companies: Lupo Light and Lupolux.

Light manufactured Lupo fluorescent screens and LED screens, each with a very high CRI and a very high light output power within its range. In turn, Lupolux, created the most efficient LED fresnel market, with a CRI of 94 and a consumption and very low weight in proportion to their light output.

But the break is not always effective, they have proven that synergy is higher if they add media and ideas.

So they have decided to pool their resources and join again to form a new company: LUPO.

This new company has the manufacturing facilities, patents, ideas, human and financial resources of both. So the potential is multiplied by adding synergies.

We will all benefit from this improvement, the manufacturer, distributors and end users of its products.

We wish them the best in the future.




         NEW DAYLED 2000 FRESNEL FROM LUPO – 2016

Lupo continues to create and expand its range.

This time it was the logical evolution of the DAYLED range of LUPO, the fresnel Dayled 2000.

The DAYLED 2000 is equivalent to one fresnel 2000 W, but led, and with a consumption of 280 W.

As the full range, it is manufactured in Italy and on the basis of carbon fiber, which gives it a lightness without equal in the market.

It is available from September in manual or PO versions, 3,200 or 5,600 K, including bandoors and filter holder.

The quality of light is more than settled with LED True Colors technology, with color rendering index above 92.

One advantage Dayled highlight of the range, they can be powered by alternating current from 90 to 240 Vac, and also with direct current from a battery. The device in question can be powered by 24 VDC battery. This will give us an excellent mobility in the field work, to which also help your weight.

Apparatus expected, and it comes at the right time, when LED technology has matured.





The best projector, is the one that can control the light.

The fresnel is one of the projectors in which you can better control the light, since it has zoom, lens, and blades.

If we had three fresnel and three tripods in a suitcase with wheels, it would be a perfect ENG kit, because if we wanted diffuse light, it would be enough to place a diffusing gelatin.

If we add to that a carbon fiber body, more resistant than the sheet to the blows, source of LED light, a consumption of 50 W that yields like a fresnel of 650 W, and that can be powered by battery, we have the perfect ENG Kit.

LUPOLUX has done it.

He has used his outstanding Dayled 650 fresnel, designed for the study of TV, in carbon fiber, with an IRC of 92, and the equivalent TLCI of 97.4, a LED of 50 W with an excellent luminous performance, powered by current or battery , with local dimmer and DMX, has put 3 devices in a rigid case with wheels, and has added the three tripods.

And we have it! The perfect ENG kit!

If we want a mixture between point and diffuse light, we only have to add diffusing gelatins to the desired devices. It’s that simple

With 150 W batteries we can have 3 hours of autonomy.

A great Kit.

Let’s change the concept of lighting in ENG. Let’s do it right for the same price.