The suspensions are the connection point between the projectors and grill.

Its mission is holding the projector, giving certain facilities handling, such as the pan, tilt, and height variation.

There are many types, from the simplest to the most complex and combinations thereof.

From simple claw theater, consisting of a hook, to the hoist, which allow feeding, control and raise several projectors simultaneously.


It is used to hang the projector from a tube. Allows Pan and Tilt by loosening the clamp.

They come in many types and with various capacities. They are very reliable.


Is used when adjustment is needed at a certain height a projector. The height can be varied by loosening a screw in the center bar. Once set will have to retighten the screw.

If fixed length bar, there is no possibility of adjusting the height.


If manual is used to lower projectors and change lamps etc, or adjust its height by a pole, spinning a reduction gear in the top of the pantograph. The pole can be operated rotating hands, or can be connected to a screw gun that will serve motor.

If power operated, used to lower or adjust the projector height at important heights over 6 m, or convenience. The pantograph has a motor that adjusts the height by a remote control, which may simply be a push, or a digital control that can put height limits, block their movement, or associate multiple pantographs to operate in unison.


It is similar to the pantograph, but always motorized.

The difference is that the lifting system, instead of being scissor plates, is a telescopic tube.

It serves only for a spotlight and is used at high altitudes, of the order of 10 m or more.


It is an appliance, always motorized, which allows multiple projectors hanging together. It has a rail or tube at the bottom, and has several outlets and control, such as dimmer or DMX.

You can also carry Ethernet, or any other control signal. Is used for convenience or when the heights are greater than 6 m.

Control cables and power, are forwarded to the bottom by a flip-flop guide to not engage.

Normally the engine will be down for maintenance, but that leaves less free weight load. Which is usually not a problem, while maintaining yes, whether to rise to the ceiling to do so. Not, if done from the ground.


It is not a suspension for spotlights properly.

It is a suspension for decorations or for trusses, but we mentioned it, because it is usually placed together with the suspensions of the spotlights, in the same lighting grid.


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