After many years immersed in the world of professional lighting, we are able to distinguish between a well-known brand and a good product. Because, although normally, one thing goes hand in hand with another, it is not always the case. 

We are dedicated to supply and installation. Therefore, we have to have a base of materials, manufacturers and supplies of all confidence to be able to carry out our installations, although each one is very different from the other. 

But we also have a selection of products for sale, which have been carefully selected, according to their price, quality and reliability. Although, the final decision, ultimately, is always the customer’s. 

Whenever you buy a product, or entrust us with an installation, you can be sure that both the quality and price, and the service, are the best. 

In each of the providers, you can watch a video with a short summary of the most representative of it. 

The links to their websites, for more information, you have them by clicking on any title or logo of the brand.


Italian manufacturer of high quality LED projectors. Get IRCs of the order of 96, and TLCI's of the order of 98 on their projectors. It manufactures HMI equivalents, fresnels, LED panels, even spectacular RGBW devices.

All its process is carried out in Italy, resulting in a very "Broadcast" quality, but curiously with very contained prices.


Italian manufacturer well known in the sector. It manufactures supports for cameras, for lighting, reflectors, light modifiers, etc.


ROBERT JULIAT is a French manufacturer of trimming projectors and tracking guns, as well as fresnel and convex plane.
It is characterized by the star at the top of quality in this field.
Founded in 1919 in Frenoy-en-Thelle, France, it opened its second headquarters in the USA in 2003.


Chauvet was founded in 1990 in Miami. The company starts as distributors of rope lights.

Chauvet is a pioneer in the use of LEDs as his preferred light source. The company's R&D staff acquires mastery of the development of LED technologies, which accelerates its foray into the professional market as the new technology fills an untapped niche and arouses the interest of lighting designers. Chauvet introduces LED to the mobile market with the Vue series, the first complete line of LED effect lights.


Dutch manufacturer of truss structures and stages. Very good quality with TUV certification, at a good price.


CAMEO is a brand of Adam Hall Group.
Cameo® Light is a spectacular lighting brand, with a wide catalog of products in standard par and studio spotlights, lighting equipment and effects with LED technology, the product catalog continues to expand since 2013.

All Cameo Light products are designed in Germany with usability criteria and intuitive handling. And always with the aspiration of being able to offer a high quality product equipped with modern technology and attractive prices.


BMS is a Spanish manufacturer, with headquarters and factory in Almeria, and worldwide distribution, suspension for lighting, manual, motorized and automatically controlled of the highest quality, such as pantographs, hoist, telescopic bars and automated control systems for television studios, theater etc ... With customized solutions for each need that the client has.

All its systems enjoy:
– Programmable position memory.
– Programmable
grouping – Measurement of the actual suspended
weight – Inductive sensors.
– Double programmable
end of career – Maximum weight supported 160 / 250 Kg on demand
– Stainless steel metal band with polished edges.
– Programmable graphic control interface.



MARTIN HARMAN is a Danish manufacturer of robotic moving heads, color changers, LED accessories, high quality video LED screens since 1980.

The original company is MARTIN PROFESSSIONAL, founded in Denmark in 1980.
Subsequently, it was purchased by HARMAN INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIES in 2013.
Martin luminaires are used by many of the world's best artists for tours and concerts and have been used in a number of major international events such as the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics where Martin was the leading supplier of automated lighting with over 1100 luminaires at the opening ceremony.


Spanish manufacturer of LED and tungsten projectors for the show, moving heads, color bars, fresnel, cutouts, effect lights, laser, effects machines, etc ...
Also sound and trusses.


Very recognized manufacturer based in the USA, dedicated to the manufacture, of fabrics, and curtains, gelatins for lighting, flags, palliums, floors etc ...


Avenger designs products that are tailored to the specific needs of the photography and film market. The company's range includes brackets, clamps, couplers, light controls and accessories, all designed to meet the strict quality standards and performance levels required by the film industry.

Movie Bird

Movie Bird is a Polish manufacturer of telescopic cranes and camera hot heads. It manufactures with the highest quality and unbeatable precision since all the control is digital and the transmission is carried out by toothed belt. There are no gaps of any kind. It has the only crane in the world that can work horizontally and vertically, working as a telescopic column.



PROLIGHTS is an Italian manufacturer. Leading brand in the manufacture of professional lighting, laser lights, LED screens, smoke machines, moving heads, led bars, LED and ellipsoidal effects.

Brand recognized by thanks to the innovation present in each of its equipment and the development of high quality products, which allow to achieve optimal operation and performance.


Chamsys is an English manufacturer of lighting consoles that has developed one of the most complete consoles for TV and entertainment.

Its MQ series consoles are world famous. Being relatively inexpensive compared to its competition.


Elation Lighting Inc. is a privately held corporation established in 1992 and is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. All products are developed and manufactured in the U.S. With sales and support offices in the USA, Mexico and Europe, and are distributed through a network of distributors worldwide.
Elation offers the stage lighting industry the most comprehensive toolbox of conventional and intelligent LED lighting, video and atmospheric effects products designed specifically for theatrical and concert stages, rental, production, studio, broadcast, corporate audiovisual, exhibition, night.


US manufacturer of professional LED lighting and effects devices. Mainly, moving heads, color bars, fresnel, cutouts, effect lights, laser, effects machines, etc ...
Also trusses and sound. Good quality at a reasonable price.


ROBE is based in the Czech Republic and all processes involved in the manufacture of the luminaires are carried out locally.

ROBE has wholly-owned subsidiaries in six key markets: USA, UK, Middle East, Singapore (Asia Pacific), France and Germany.
Robe is among the world's leading manufacturers of moving lights, renowned for its innovation, quality engineering and dedication to the highest production values.


Spanish manufacturer of first level of claws, trusses, platforms, stands, lifting towers and supports for monitors and projectors, separators in public places, and supports in general for the show.

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