After many immersed in the world of professional lighting years, we are able to distinguish between a known brand and a good product. For although usually goes something other hand, is not always so. 

We specialize in supply and installation. Therefore, we must have a base of materials, supplies manufacturers and confidence to make our facilities, though each is very different from the other. 

But we also have a selection of products for sale, which have been carefully selected, by price, quality and reliability. Although the final decision ultimately is always the customer. 

Whenever you purchase a product or installation trust us, you can be sure that both quality and price, and service are the best. 

In each of the suppliers, you can watch a video with a short summary of the most representative thereof. 

Links to their websites for more information, have them on the tab links. 

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BMS is a Spanish manufacturer, with headquarters and factory in Almería, and worldwide distribution, suspension for lighting, manual, motorized and automatically controlled of the highest quality, such as pantographs, hoist, telescopic bars and automated control systems for television studios, theater etc … With customized solutions for every need that the client has.


The systems have:

– Programmable position memory
– Programmable grouping
– Real weight measurement suspended
– Inductive sensors
– Double programmable for limits end
– Maximum weight supported 160/250 Kg on demand
– Stainless steel metallic band with polished edges.
– Programmable graphic control interface.


Italian manufacturer of high quality led projectors. It obtains IRC’s of the order of 96, and TLCI’s of the order of 98 in its projectors.


Manufactures HMI equivalents, fresnels, LED panels, even RGBW devices.

All its process, is done in Italy, resulting in a very “Broadcast” quality, but interestingly with very contained prices.


MARTIN HARMAN is a Danish manufacturer, robotized moving heads, color changers, LED accessories, high quality video screens since 1980.

The original company is MARTIN PROFESSIONAL, founded in Denmark in the year 1980.

Subsequently, it was purchased by HARMAN INTERNACIONAL INDUSTRIES in 2013.

The Martin luminaires were used in many international events such as the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics where Martin was the main provider of automated lighting with more than 1100 luminaries at the opening ceremony.


Chamsys is an English manufacturer of lighting consoles that has developed one of the most complete consoles for TV and entertainment. Its MQ series are famous worldwide. Being relatively economical compared to its competition.


Based in Kadoma, Japan, formerly Matsushita.

Manufacturer of monitors, cameras, projectors, videowalls, etc …

On the quality of its products there is nothing to add, as it is well known in the professional world.


Spanish manufacturer of high level of dimmers and consoles. Exports to many countries, and its products are up to the top. 


HPRC is a division of PLABER, an Italian manufacturer of high quality transport cases.

The HPRC suitcases ensure maximum protection against dust, water, shock, corrosion and chemical agents.

They have the option of carrying accessories inside, such as foam and separating bags, to protect even more what is transported inside.



USA manufacturer of professional LED lighting and effects equipment.

Mainly, moving heads, color bars, fresnel, cutouts, effects lights, laser, effects machines, etc …

Also trusses and sound.

Good quality at a reasonable price



Italian manufacturer of high-level, dedicated to the LED projectors, both moving heads, color bars, fresnel, cuts, lighting effects, laser machines, effects, etc …

Great quality at the right price.



French manufacturer of tungsten lighting equipment and leds, and especially dimmers.

The high quality raw material in all its products, with bulletproof reliability doubt.

Constantly researching new products, and continuously improve the products developed. 



         WORK PRO

Spanish manufacturer of led and tungsten projectors for the show, moving heads, color bars, fresnel, cutouts, effects lights, laser, effects machines, etc …

Also sound and trusses.




Well known manufacturer based in the USA, engaged in manufacturing, fabrics, curtains, lighting gels, flags, canopies, floors etc … 



Spanish premier manufacturer of clutches, trusses, decking, stairs, towers lifts and supports for monitors and projectors, separators in public places, and media in general for the show. 



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